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“In New South Wales around 16% of electric shocks in
homes and businesses are related to an unseen electrical
fault called a broken neutral.”

Are you getting small tingles or little shocks from taps or appliances around your home?
This could be potentially life threatening to you or your family. A broken neutral at the energy suppliers pole outside your property will force the flow of electricity to return through your earthing system and this can be the current you can feel if the earthing system in your home is not up to stardard. It doesn’t have to be the neutral connect to your property even a neighbor’s supply could be causing the problem. Broken neutrals can be caused in a number of ways including storm damage, trees touching overhead cables, vehicles crashing into poles (remember it doesn’t necessarily need to be on your street or road) and wear & tear.

Call your local energy authority immediatley
Ausgrid: 13 13 88
Endeavour Energy: 131 003